Mentoring is an essential part of what we offer at Grassroots Sailing.

Mentoring is provided as sailing lessons with one of our instructors.

The Mentoring Program follows a Rubric that outlines skills, and utilizes a Skills Tracker form to monitor progress.

Mentoring sessions:

Weekly during Sailing season

  1. Tuesday evening (racing)

  2. Thursday evenings (cruising)

  3. Weekend (Navigation)

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is designed to continue building the skills and confidence of sailors that have completed the Start Keelboat Sailing, Basic Cruising Standard courses or equivalent so that they continue build more experience and fine tune their skills and enjoy the sport of sailing as part of a sailing crew. 

Sailing on a regular basis after completing one of our courses will make you an even better sailor.

Consistency in training

Some of the skills are practiced whenever we go out, and should be reviewed every time:

– Preparation to depart
– Weather
– Casting off
– Maneuvering under power, in tight marina
– Preparation, raising sails
– Return, lowering sails
– Docking, snugging down

Other skills, we will schedule and practice on specific days. Students will have multiple opportunities to practice each:

– Tacking and Gybing.

– Sailing circle / points of sail / heading up / bearing away / holding course

– Reefing foresail and mainsail

– Heave-to

– Crew overboard

– Anchoring

 – How to appropriately respond to situations (e.g. weather, overpowering, breakdown, etc) in a safe and correct manner.

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