Clinics - Planned or Proposed for 2021

(normally free to Club Members)

In-person clinics have been suspended due to COVID restrictions. However, typical clinics include topics such as (include the list of 2020 clinic topics on the page). We will be scheuling clinics as COVID restrictions ease. Stay tuned to this page for more information

See our Website Calendar for Dates

Feb – Sail Maintenance
Mar – Diesel Engine Maintenance
Apr РUnderstanding Weather Forecasting  (also open to Public for $10 each)  > Weather Clinic Apr 26 2020
May – Racing
Jun – Sail Trim
Jul – Electronic Navigation
Aug – Single Handed COB
Sep – Anchoring under Power and Sail
Oct – Rope Maintenance

Other – Booking a Charter internationally
Other – Lake Simcoe Environmental

Clinics - Pictures

Sails Maintenance - Feb 2020

Engines Maintenance - Pre-2018

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