Intermediate Cruising Standard

The Intermediate Cruising Standard is a live-aboard course that follows the Basic Cruising standard in the Sail Canada keelboat and cruising training system. Students will participate in operation of the vessel as crew and as skipper. The vessel will be operated under sail and power while making daytime passages. The ability to act as skipper and crew in operation of a sailing vessel by day in unfamiliar waters will be developed, while building the skills and experience needed for live-aboard cruises and bareboat charter.

Practical topics covered include sail selection and use of the jib cars and mainsheet traveler controls to adjust sail shape for efficient propulsion and balance in the conditions encountered. Students will have the opportunity to practice and develop skills maneouvring the vessel under power for mooring pickup, and accomplishing various anchoring strategies and enhanced docking and dock departure techniques and procedures. Opportunities to practice the navigation skills taught in the Basic Coastal Navigation course including elementary pilotage and passage planning, non-electronic position determination methods and basic use of satellite positioning systems will help to strengthen this knowledge and skillset. Practical knowledge of the use and management of vessel systems will be taught through use of these systems on board while cruising. 

This course builds on the skills developed in the Sail Canada Start Keelboat Sailing, Basic Cruising and Basic Coastal Navigation courses. Candidates are expected to be able to competently demonstrate the skills developed in those courses. 

Objective: To be able to cruise safely as both skipper and crew of a sailing yacht of 9 to 12 meters, sloop rigged with an inboard engine, in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. The standard emphasizes on-the-water skills at a level acceptable for extended cruises in coastal and inland waters and for bareboat chartering.


  • Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard,
  • Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation or Coastal Navigation Standard,
  • ROC(M): VHF with DSC endorsement,
  • Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (or equivalent)

Recommended prior to taking the standard:

  • Recognized standard first aid and CPR certificate
  • Sail Canada Intermediate Coastal Navigation Standard

Note: To maximize the likelihood of successfully completing the Intermediate Cruising Standard, a student should:

  1. Have experience as skipper of at least ten day sails (or equivalent)
  2. Be able to consistently use the knowledge and demonstrate the skills learned in the Basic Cruising Standard and the Basic Coastal Navigation Standard
For more information on Intermediate Cruising Standard course, please visit Sail Canada course description.

Course Schedule: The Intermediate Cruising Standard course typically runs over one week:

Cost: Varies depending on course location and boat.

Upcoming Course Schedule:

Intermediate Cruising Standard Sign-up:

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